ld Major is a market in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood of Indianapolis. When we set out to start a market we had no idea what it would look like so we just started making bacon and sausages and selling them to our neighbors. One thing led to another and this idea of serving our neighbors through a neighborhood market came to life. Currently we operate online and at the Fishers Farmer’s Market. Our hope, however, is that we can grow into a physical location to bring the residents of Meridian Kessler, Indianapolis and beyond, quality foods and wine, made with quality ingredients sourced from quality producers as locally as we can.

We are passionate about great food like fresh and cured meats, cheeses, fresh produce, wine, sustainable agriculture, local artisans, and the local food movement and we have a dream of being able to bring that to our corner of Indianapolis!

If you don’t know the farmer, know the guy that knows the farmer

When you go to the grocery stores these days, it’s hard telling what you are actually buying. Labels like “organic, free-range, cage-free, grass-fed” and the like don’t necessarily mean that much. Many times it’s just marketing speak. We believe that the local food movement is about getting back to your roots. Purchasing goods at the source and from people you trust. Whether that’s fresh produce, a great bottle of wine, or some epic bacon, you want to know that what you are buying is a high-quality product that is produced ethically and buying from local producers is great for the local economy.

Good Food
requires care
from start to finish.

Lets be honest, great food requires great ingredients and great care from start to finish. Old Major currently produces all sorts of fresh, cured and smoked meat products that we sell through our web-store and at the farmer’s market. We work with local farmers that raise their animals without growth hormones or antibiotics in a sustainable non-intensive fashion. It is with these raw materials that we create all of our products by hand with great care and THAT takes time.

Quality takes time.

We aim to work with other producers that do the same thing. Artisanal producers that work with great ingredients and put time, and love into their products. Our market, is currently 100% virtual but very soon we will be expanding into a brick and mortar location at which point we will offer great products from all sorts of great producers locally, regionally and in some cases internationally. Our spread of items will range from fresh meats, cheeses, cured meats and smoked meats, seasonal produce, and artisanal grocery items. We will also offer a great selection of wines curated by Founder, Mark LaFay, our butcher, sommelier and captain! As you explore great foods and ingredients at Old Major, you will also be able to explore the incredible world of wine as we will have a fresh, eclectic mix of great wines at great prices from around the globe.


We are excited to grow into our new location and continue to expand our product and service offerings to include classes in the kitchen, wine education in the home, monthly bacon and wine clubs, and so much more. If you haven’t yet, please join our “bacon list” so that you can get a monthly notification of when the store is open for business. You can also visit us on Saturday’s at the Fishers Farmers Market!


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