February 15

Auto-Ship is here!


If you have gotten around to reading our March email, you probably noticed that we rolled out an auto-ship feature this month. I am pretty excited about rolling out this feature because it makes repeat orders so much easier! Now, you can select the items that you want to get every month (or every 60 or 90 days) and once you’ve checked out, we will automatically place your re-order at the interval that you’ve selected.  For example, if you want 2 pounds of bacon every month, now you can schedule your order and every month you’ll get your order of 2 pounds of bacon automatically. If you live in our shipping zone, your bacon will just arrive at your house every month.

Take a look at how it works. When you get into the store, click on bacon to see the product page. Select the frequency that you would like to receive your bacon and how much bacon you would like. Then add to cart and keep on shopping.

You can then add items to your cart that you only want to buy once. This is how your shopping cart will look at check out:

It’s easy and hopefully it makes your life better! Don’t forget, Bacon loves you and so do we.



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