Organic vs. Local

Organic vs. Local Perhaps no language is emptier than the words we use to label our food. I don’t mean delicious, salty or a little bit overcooked. I’m talking about buzzwords like all-natural, [...]

Auto-Ship is here!

If you have gotten around to reading our March email, you probably noticed that we rolled out an auto-ship feature this month. I am pretty excited about rolling out this feature because it makes [...]

Super Bowl Eats

I can’t tell you how unenthused I am for the Super Bowl this year, but hey! If you love sportsball and even more, if you love Atlanta or the Patriots, then this is your big night! Carrie [...]

New Website!

2017 is off to a great start here at Old Major and we hope that this is true for you as well! This is our first blog post on our newly updated website. There will be many changes and updates [...]