June 18

Chilean Longaniza Sausage


In late January / early February of 2020 I managed to sneak away on a trip with a good friend of mine, to the incredible country of Chile. The timing was actually quite incredible because we were able to get a great trip in, just before things started getting hairy. The goal of our trip to Chile was to go to the Colchagua Valley and drink as many different wines as possible and eat as much good food as possible. I feel as if we were semi-successful! One of the things I love about the cuisine is the sausage options. I know… shocking. We crushed morcilla (blood sausage) in links and in empanadas. We had smoked sausages, longaniza, longaniza blanca.

It was awesome!

We loved the sausages so much that we decided to bring the recipes home and do them ourselves! Chilean Longaniza is awesome! It is a pork sausage with smoked paprika, fresh jalapeno, cumin, oregano, onion and sweet Chilean red wine. However, if you can’t find sweet Chilean wine, adding some amontillado sherry works as well! The first time I had this sausage was at a steakhouse in the middle of nowhere. The place is called Candil and if it is still there when international travel comes back in to action, then by all means make a trek to it. We had a sausage platter appetizer to go with massive glasses of Pisco Sour. There was some chimichurri for dipping, but I opted to eat the links without any accoutrements to get the full flavor. It’s a delicious, earthy, flavorful sausage. It isn’t spicy. Use it on pizzas, in tacos, or on a bun with some fresh veggies and something acidic like pickled onions, or some chimichurri.

If you haven’t tried Chilean Longaniza, try it this week! We are taking a bunch out to the Farmers Markets and of course, you can always find it on our website or on marketwagon.com! We can also ship it to you!


Chilean Lognaniza, pork sausage

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