August 6

Dress up that Chicken Bratwurst


Most mass produced chicken sausages have a hot dog texture. I don’t hate that, but it’s not my favorite. Chicken is a really delicious versatile protein and it doesn’t need to be emulsified to be edible. I personally think a coarsely ground chicken sausage is much more palatable than an emulsified and for that reason, we coarsely grind all of our chicken sausages.

If you love a good bratwurst, then you should take this chicken bratwurst for a spin. It is the same seasoning mixture that we use for our Wisconsin Style Pork Bratwurst but we just use boneless skinless chicken thighs. Other than the casing, this sausage is 100% Indiana chicken that is AB & HM Free! There are a lot of great ways to cook up a bratwurst.  Here are a few combination ideas to get the wheels turning:

Ballpark Style – Top your sausage w/ sauteed green peppers and onions

Bavarian style – Spicy mustard & warm sauerkraut

Picnic Style – Mayo-based coleslaw w/ bluecheese crumbles & bacon

IDGAF – Nacho Cheese & Jalapenos

Blasphemy – Ketchup

Get creative!!


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