January 16

New Website!


2017 is off to a great start here at Old Major and we hope that this is true for you as well! This is our first blog post on our newly updated website. There will be many changes and updates coming to the site and to Old Major over the coming months and year. I guess that is a great segue into an update on how things are going. 2016 was a great year of learning and growing and 2017 is poised to be the same. We are currently vending at the Fisher’s Winter Market and we are planning to vend in the summer market as well. We are also looking into the Broad Ripple summer market and the Garfield Park summer market. If you know someone there and you want to put in a good word, we would appreciate it!

We are also in the process of locking down a physical location for our kitchen and retail. We are intending to remain in Meridian Kessler because….well…. this is home! We will keep you posted as things progress there. Our February email is about to go out and we are very excited to be testing out our delivery service. We will continue to offer pickups at set times for no charge. Delivery will be on the Saturday following pickups. Deliveries will begin in the morning and go until completed. If you don’t think you will be home to receive your delivery, you will need to leave a cooler outside by your door for the products. When it gets warm you will need to put your own ice pack in this cooler as well. It is a start!

We have a few new products on the menu at Public Greens this month. Please be sure to stop by and try out their rendition of our Bratwurst and Chicken Merguez (yeah buddy!!!). We want to extend a big thank you to all of you that have checked out our stuff, shared it with your family and friends and otherwise told our story to the people around you. Please keep telling our story as we head into 2017. Happy New Year and Happy Monday!


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