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  • 2020 Croix De Peyrassol Rosé (750ml)

2020 Croix De Peyrassol Rosé (750ml)


This is tasty easy-to-drink warm weather wine. Pale pink in the glass, translucent with no signs of gas or sediment. On the nose you will find red and green strawberries, pomegranate, candied cherry, guava, peach juice, subtle minerals almost like wet stone, or sand. Subtle herbal notes like rosemary and thyme linger in the mix.

This wine is fruit forward and vibrant. The fresh fruit hits the mid palate, and there is a greenness to this wine that is a mix of under ripe fruit mixed with a slight herbal bitterness that hits the sides and back of the palate. The wine has a slightly oily texture on the tongue and medium to medium- acidity (this isn’t tart and it isn’t flabby). There is also distinct mineral component.

This is a tasty wine, priced right and will go great with a variety of dishes. Drink with grilled fish, chicken, pork, seafood pastas, Asian foods (spicy or not), or just drink on the patio.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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