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Aged 4-Bone Standing Rib Roast


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4-bone Rib Eye roast from Fisher Farms. Grass fed, grain finished beef with exceptional genetics, aged for at least 21 days at Old Major prior to being trimmed. The ribs are Frenched separated from the roast and then tied back on. All you gotta do is season, roast and go!

Want a tip on how to prepare? If you have a vacuum packer, season the roast and vac pack it with fresh rosemary and butter. Sous Vide at 130-132 for 6-12 hours, Let it rest to cool down. Sear it off in a cast iron pan with copious amounts of butter, basting continuously.  Remove the bones and then slice for service!

Roast will be approximately 6LBS.  Estimated cost per roast is $265.00

Your cost will be adjusted upon pickup and based on actual weight of the roast. Cost is $47 / LB



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