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  • Aged NY Strip Steak (approximately 1LB)

Aged NY Strip Steak (approximately 1LB)


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We take whole Fischer Farms beef top loin and dry age for a variety of times. The aging process allows the beef to slowly dry which concentrates the flavors by reducing water in the tissue.  At the same time, aging allows bacteria naturally present in the product, to break down and tenderize the meat this process also produces additional flavors that get more intense the longer the beef ages. These flavors include nutty characteristics like almond and walnut as well as blue cheese, and by nature of aging in our cooler, the beef also picks up a touch of smoke.

We have a limited quantity of steaks. Please see below for the age length and price per pound. Steaks are hand cut and will have some slight variation.

21-Day Aged NY Strip. Each cut is approximately 1LB (16oz).  $32/LB