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Blue Mind Coffee – Ethiopia Limu Tega and Tula


This natural offering from Tega and Tula is a beautiful cup with notes of berry, dark chocolate, sweet grapefruit and praline.

Whole Bean – 12 oz bag
Tasting notes: berry, dark chocolate, sweet grapefruit, praline
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Tega Village, city of Bonga, district of Gibo, zone of Kaffa, region of Limu
Farm: Ahadu Woubhset of Tega & Tula Specialty Coffee Farm, Michiti Sublot
Altitude: 1,830-1,870 masl
Processing: Natural, Organically Grown, Grade 1
Roast Level: light-medium

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Blue Mind Roasting is a coffee roaster startup located in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood. They source their own beans and roast them in an amazing space behind their home. Currently their beans are in a handful of markets around town and we are excited to offer them to you as well. One of the things we truly appreciate about Blue Mind is their passion for their neighborhood. We love getting to work with people that love our corner of Indianapolis and want to make it better.

This new natural Ethiopia comes from Tega & Tula, a specialty coffee farm founded by Ahadu Woubhset. A former chief operations officer of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Woubhset found himself wanting a more hands on experience with coffee production. He believed that he could build a model coffee farm that focused as much on the quality of coffee produced as it did on the quality of life of the the people and the land involved.

The farm’s focus on sustainability extends beyond community to the natural land around it. Tega and Tula operates under organic growing practices and Ahadu is intentional in ensuring that the farm operates as a part of a healthy ecosystem rather than only for extraction of the natural and human resources.


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