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Blue Mind Coffee – Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AA


This is juicy fruited profile that gives notes of ripe apricot, black cherry and fig.

Whole Bean – 12 oz bag
Tasting notes: ripe apricot, black cherry, fig
Region: Gatugi, Nyeri
Producer: Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative Society
Elevation: 1,850-1,900 masl
Varietal: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru -11
Processing: Washed, Grade AA

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Blue Mind Roasting is a coffee roaster startup located in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood. They source their own beans and roast them in an amazing space behind their home. Currently their beans are in a handful of markets around town and we are excited to offer them to you as well. One of the things we truly appreciate about Blue Mind is their passion for their neighborhood. We love getting to work with people that love our corner of Indianapolis and want to make it better.

We are excited to offer you this excellent high scoring Kenyan coffee. Kenya AA is often reviewed as one of the worlds brightest coffee beans, which of course is a matter of debate. However, what is generally agreed upon is that Kenya AA is one of the finest coffee beans known and the most favored by coffee connoisseurs. The description AA has to do with screen size in how the coffee is graded, which means that the green coffee bean is just a little more than 1/4” in diameter, the largest Kenyan coffee beans there are and typically sweeter than lower quality beans.

Gatugi is from Othaya Farmer’s Cooperative Society that dates back to the late 1950’s. Gatugi Factory sits at just under 1900 meters above sea level, right along the Ichamama River, which is fed from the Karima forest above. “Factories” are essentially small washing stations aligned with a particular “society” in Kenya, which are what we usually call a “cooperative”. The importer that we have used for this coffee was able to buy this coffee direct, and not through the Kenya auction system, so they could avoid the risk of loosing this stellar coffee. To do this they pay a price that is higher than what the top auction bid might be, but it means that they get the exact lot that they want.

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