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Chickpea Curry with Rice Meal


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This delicious meal for one is Thai style. Chick peas and mixed veggies in a rich curry made with chicken stock, coconut and all sorts of goodness served on top of a bed of white rice.

Cooking Instructions:Heat in microwave on high for 90 seconds, repeat until steaming.

Ingredients: Chickpeas, Chicken Stock(water, chicken, onions, carrots, celery, spices), Broccoli, Green Bell Pepper, Green Onion, Carrot, Coconut Milk, Onion, Green Curry Paste(green chili, lemongrass, garlic, salt, galangal, shrimp paste, kaffir lime peel, spices), Spices, Salt.

Serves one, Approx. 1LB.


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