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Deer Creek – The Rattlesnake (7oz.)



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Deer Creek’s Rattlesnake is a L.A. International Dairy Competition Gold medal winner and a true flavor experience — spicy, sweet, tropical, and HOT. This cheese starts with a smooth, creamy medium aged Cheddar and then it’s infused with premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers. The warmth and sweetness of the tequila open your palate to the smooth and creamy mellowness of a perfectly aged Cheddar. And just when you are wondering where the Habaneros are, the heat bursts forth for an unforgettable finish. Watch out — this cheese just might bite you back!

Recommended pairings:

Soft Pairings: Coffee, Pineapple Juice
Beer: Mexican Beer
Wine: Iced Sangria
Hard Pairings: Tequila, Margarita
Nibblies: Pineapple, Mango, Chocolate, Potato Chips, Burgers, Chicken, Tortilla Chips, Corn, Shrimp

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