New York Strip Steak (16oz)


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This is a delicious New York Strip Steak from Haubstadt Indiana.  Grass-fed, Grain-finished beef that is free of hormones, and antibiotics.

Great beef flavor cut to a 1LB portion (16oz).  This size steak is enough for two adults.

Cooking Tip:

Season both sides steak with sea salt or kosher salt, allow to rest and come up to room temperature.

Warm a cast iron pan and place a stick of unsalted butter in the pan to melt. Add two or three sprigs of fresh rosemary.  Allow the butter to fully melt and stir the rosemary around so the warm butter can draw out the rosemary flavors. When the butter starts to bubble and crackle a little, add the steak. Keep your heat on medium to medium high. Adjust throughout cooking to ensure the pan doesnt get so hot that the butter burns and scorches. Baste the steak with the butter. Do not move the steak for 3-4 minutes. Peak to see if you have a nice crust, if so, flip and brown the other side.  Continue basting with butter. Use a temperature probe to ensure you haven’t over cooked your steak.  A higher temp in the pan will crisp the outside faster leaving the inside less cooked or uncooked. Crisp all sides of the steak, temp and if it isn’t done, place a cooling rack on a pan and the steak on the cooling rack. Place the pan/rack/steak in the oven to finish.

Meat “Doneness” Scale:

This should be used as a guide.

Rare: 125F

Medium Rare: 135F

Medium: 145F

Medium Well 150F

Well:  155+

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