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Nordic Creamery – Smoked Goat Cheddar Cheese



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Nordic Creamery Smoked Goat Cheddar Cheese is made the same way as traditional cheddar, but with a couple of twists. Goat’s milk gives this cheese a distinctive white internal color, nutty flavor and distinctive tanginess. Then it smoked with all-natural hardwood smoke to take the flavor up a notch. Serve this smoked goat cheddar goodness on a cheese plate, sandwich or with a seasonal sliced fruit for a summertime treat.

Nordic Creamery cheese is produced using only the highest quality milk from small family farms. They are located near Westby, Wisconsin, within the lush green hills and valleys known as the Driftless Region.

Size: 8 oz. squares

Milk Type: Goat

Style: Semi-firm

Pairings: It can stand up to all the intense flavors of salsa, chili and other favorites. It pairs nicely with Pale Ales, Hard Cider, or bigger red wines such as Zinfandel.

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