Red Bear Old Kiev Salami


This 100% pork salami from Red Bear Provisions features a delightful blend of premium cuts of all-natural whole muscle Berkshire pork, heady garlic, creamy fatback, and a robust blend of spices. Based on an ancient recipe, traditional to Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, this dry salami is bursting with rich and aromatic flavor. A delightful blend of old-world tradition, modern techniques, and high-quality ingredients, combine to form this sensational dry salami. Made from pasture-raised heritage Berkshire pork coarsely ground and incorporated with an aromatic blend of garlic, crushed sea salt, and black pepper. A simple combination of spices enhances the already sensational savory flavor of the pork, allowing the nuances and complexities natural to this gourmet meat to take center stage.

Gently smoked before curing, a lightly woodsy fireside scent and flavor are vaguely discernible with each bite, giving it an even broader range of flavor pairings. Slice thin and layer into sandwiches, add to cheese and charcuterie boards, dice and throw into creamy pasta, or use as a savory garnish on nachos or pizza, the gastronomic options for this incredible salami are virtually endless.

Red Bear Provisions is a Chicago-based company renowned for its artisan small-batch meats. Inspired by flavors from all over the globe, Red Bear uses premium meats and spices, to carefully hand-craft gourmet salami. Through carefully timed fermentation and drying periods, each batch of salami is cured until it reaches the perfect blend of subtle spice and piquant savor. Available in 6 oz rolls these relatively thin salamis are easy to cut at home, allowing you to get wonderfully fine slivers that can easily be incorporated into dishes or fanned out for a beautiful presentation.

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