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Sirocco Ridge – (Caprini Legacy) Crumbled Feta-Style Goat Cheese


This is the first of Sirocco Ridge’s Caprini Legacy series, carried forward from the amazing team at Caprini Creamery! This feta-style goat cheese has a delicious mouth impact and flavor.  The cheese has a soft and creamy feel and is slightly less salty than other fetas, with a complex flavor.  It is great in a wide range of dishes, especially in Mediterranean dishes. We have taken this product to the next level by doing the work this time and already crumbled the cheese for you.  This product is packaged in a 6oz container. 

Sirocco Ridge cheeses are made from milk sustainably produced by Lamancha (and Lamancha crossed with Nubian) dairy goats in Southern Indiana.  These goats are fed high quality feed, alfalfa and free choice Timothy – Orchard grass hay, as well as having access to pasture and forage at least 12 hours a day.  These does produce milk that is creamy and tastes of toasted grains and green grass, with no undesirable off flavors.  Along with a high fat and protein content it is ideal for making cheese.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, culture, vegetarian rennet, salt

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Sirocco Ridge Farm LLC…sustainably and humanely grown livestock, no-till and innovative field raised beds, based on permaculture principles. These all describe our farm, which started in 2013. We are proud to provide goat cheese, garlics, dairy goats, and chickens, all raised on our farm. From our horses and llamas that produce the makings of compost, to the chickens that produce eggs and meat while free ranging to manage the insects and parasites, it all starts with local hay and grass, a complete circle from local sources.  Our animals live with the sun on their heads and the grass under their feet.

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