The Super Box!!


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The Super Box is an assortment of Old Major frozen products neatly packed and ready for you to chuck in your freezer so you can explore new items over time. Oh and what makes it extra super, besides having a super selection of super meats? The super price! Check out our current super box!

2LB Orange Fennel – Northern Italian style sausage (cantalupo), garlic, orange zest, fennel, oh so good.
2LB Chicken Bratwurst – Wisconsin bratwurst made with chicken instead of pork.
2LB Chicken Breakfast – Sage breakfast sausage, as found at Cafe Patachou
2LB Paleo Bratwurst – Everything you love about our wisconsin bratwurst without the sugar
2LB Fire In The Hole – Pork w/ garlic and a blend of carolina reaper and ghost pepper. Very spicy, but not out of control.

This box is almost 40% off.Now THAT is pretty super!