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Valentine’s Date Night Dinner


Valentine’s Day is coming and we wanted to make an epic dinner a little bit easier for you. So we have put together a Surf and Turf Dinner that should do the Trick! We have limited quantity of beef so when this is sold out, its out. This is a pre-order and will be ready for pickup Friday, February 11!

Cooking instructions, will be included. Weights are approximate as there could be slight fluctuation between cuts, etc.

Date Night Menu

One (1) x 16 oz (approx). New York Strip Steak
One (1) x 16 oz fillet of North Road Salmon
32 oz French Onions Soup w/ Bread & Mozz
1.5 lb White Scalloped Taters (thin slices of taters, with pecorino, cream, garlic, thyme)
Caesar Salad (Angie’s Caesar dressing recipe is insane)

Out of stock

Dinner Type?

Steak, Salmon, Surf & Turf