ZeroCarb LYFE Pizza

Keto pizza is here! ZeroCarb LYFE has handcrafted these individual 8oz pizzas that are sure to be a hit at your family’s next pizza night. These pizzas come in two different flavors with their original chicken crust, and either zesty Buffalo Chicken or a savory Beef Topping.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Evansville Indiana-Based, ZeroCarb LYFE focuses on creating the best carb-alternative foods in the world. They are laser focused on creating foods that allow people to become the best version of themselves, while also enjoying what they eat! These frozen topped pizzas derive from their very first product:  ZeroCarb chicken pizza crust! The crust itself is made from only: Chicken breast, olive oil, salt and spices. Due to the simple ingredients, the crust itself is carb, gluten, sugar, dairy, grain, egg and cheese free!

Weight .5 lbs

Includes 1- 8oz pizza

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