August 13

Sicilian Sausage Recipes!


Have you ever tried our Sicilian Sausage? This is a recipe we created based of several authentic family recipes for a standard sort of Sicilian sausage.  If you like charcuterie, you may have had a Finocchiona salame? This salame is very similar to our fresh sausage.  Fresh Fischer Farms AB & HM-Free pork seasoned with sea salt, toasted fennel, red pepper flake and Sicilian red wine (Donnafugatta to be precise).  This is a fresh bright sausage that is very versatile!

Check out these recipes!

Sicilian Sausage w/ Peppers & Onions

Directions: Peel and slice one large yellow onion in half, slice the onion into 1/8″ slices. Repeat with the other half. Next, de-stem and remove the seeds from 2-3 large green bell peppers, Cut the pepper in half from the step side to the bottom. Cut slices that are roughly 1/8″ to 1/4″ in width. On your stove top, place a fry pan with some vegetable oil, warm the oil and then toss in the onions and peppers, sprinkle some sea salt or kosher salt and sweat them both down until they have reduced in size and are starting to brown. Next place your sausages in the pan moving aside the onions and peppers as you do. You want the sausages to make contact with the pan. The hot onions and peppers should surround the sausages. Flip the sausages once after about 10 minutes on medium to medium-high heat. Once the internal temperature is 145F, you can remove. Place on a soft bun and top with peppers and onions. Enjoy!

Sicilian sausage w/ Pesto!

Directions, heat your oven to 375F. Place you sausages in an oven safe pan spaced apart so there is a decent air gap between each sausage. Place the pan w/ sausages in the pre-heated oven and allow to cook for 12-15 minutes. Flip once and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Temp the sausages with a temperature probe and remove once they hit 145F internal temperature. Next get your sausage rolls and make sure they are sliced & hinged so they can open but hold together at the bottom hinge, place in the oven to toast until lightly brown. Next, remove from the oven and put a sausage in each roll, cover with pesto and provolone cheese. Turn the broiler on and place the dressed sausages in buns on a sheet tray and place under the broiler. Remove once the cheese is bubbly and before your bread starts to burn. Allow to cool slightly and then dig in!


Sicilian sausage

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