March 13

Drappier Brut Nature Rosé


I really love sparkling wine. I must admit, that the love affair is relatively recent but it came on strong and doesn’t show any signs of going away! There are great sparkling wines from around the world but the undisputed king (or queen) of sparkling wines is Champagne. The French nailed this one, and by accident. Yes, the bubbles were somewhat of an accident, but a welcome one for sure! The Drappier family is currently in their 8th generation of wine making and they haven definitely hit their stride!

The Brut Nature Rose is a zero dosage champagne so it is VERY low in sugar. This is bone dry and mineral forward!  On the nose you are smacked with red fruits, floral notes, and mellow orange citrus. Some faint spiciness shines through and as the champaign warms you get a subtle bready characteristic. Your nose doesn’t deceive you as most of what you will find on the nose translates on the palate. Enjoy subtle raspberry, strawberry, blood orange, rose and white pepper.

This champagne is a non-vintage champagne and it is out of this world good! Drink it by yourself, or with someone that appreciates the bubbles.



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