April 5

Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rosé


I really need to write about a wine that is not sparkling but lets face it, I am on a sparkling kick and I have been for MONTHS I tell you. MONTHS!  I was at a sweet french wine tasting not too long ago and I tried about 15 sparklers and they were all a super blessing. This Champagne is a fantastic representation of a non-vintage rose. During maceration the grapes and juice stay in contact for only a few days. Long enough, that is, to turn the juice a nice salmon color. It doesn’t take long because this amazing rosé is 100% pinot noir grapes picked from up-to 10 “cru” vineyards in Champagne. Once bottled, this beauty is stored and riddled for 4-5 years before being prepared for sale.

Serve the Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rosé at 45 – 50 degrees fahrenheit in a Champagne flute. The nose will bring for fresh red-fruit, some bread and latent sweetness. The nose carries through to the palate. You will taste a vibrant bouquet of strawberry, raspberry, red cherries and hints of cranberry. Faint spice and bread characteristics will show up to the party as this wine warms in the glass. Make sure you have additional bottles on hand.

Opening this wine definitely makes the occasion special.




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