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Spanish Charcuterie Bundle



Charcuterie is a great way to entertain with an interactive appetizer or even a full on meal!  This Spanish bundle features 4 items that go great together:

Fermin Iberico Chorizo – A great dry-cured sausage made with Iberico pork and seasoned with sweet paprika and garlic. Great flavor, not spicy, and so yummy.
El Atrio Manchego Viejo – Manchego is a delicious Menchega sheep’s milk cheese and El Atrio does it so well! The Viejo gets 12 months of age which firms it up, and develops a great rich, almost nutty flavor with pops of peppercorn and periodic mineral crunches.
Santa Teresa Quince Paste – This is a delicious firm but spreadable jelly that is traditionally paired with Manchego cheese. Mix and match your bites with this delicious sweeet & tart fruit spread that has pops of baking spice flavors.
Rustic Bakery Sel Gris Crackers – These are great flatbread crackers for building the perfect bite!

Slice your Chorizo and cheese thin so that you can stretch out the number of awesome bites!  Enjoy with some crispy Albariño wine or a dry to bone dry Cava.


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