May 19

The Incredible, Edible Breakfast Sausage


Sausage is an interesting food. It is very utilitarian in purpose and it transcends pretty much all cultural boundaries. No matter where you go, every culture has a sausage that helps tell its story. In some countries, sausages tell the story of a neighborhood. Look at the UK. To most people, you think about the ubiquitous “Banger” when you think “British Sausage.” The natives, however, will point out that you are not only uninformed, but uncivilized for not knowing that there are numerous different sausages to be had… I will say, that most of these sausages are very similar in ingredients but may be slightly different in the quantities or combinations of said spices. I should probably be careful not to offend lest the Redcoats storm in and off my head. All joking aside, I tend to think that American breakfast sausage is very similar in nature. For most people, breakfast sausage is about the same no matter where you go. But to the seasoned sausage eater, there is quite a bit of nuance to our breakfast sausage from region to region. Not unlike our barbecue.

I think of sage when I think about breakfast sausage. Heck, I grew up on Jimmy Dean and country boy sausage that was made with sage, and red pepper flake. Our family loves sage. My dad often gets harassed at Thanksgiving because, much to the chagrin of his sister, he puts an unconscionable amount of sage in the stuffing along with sage breakfast sausage. In addition to sage, coriander, black pepper, red pepper flake, ginger, white pepper, marjoram, thyme, are all popular spice options for a good savory breakfast sausage. Given that Americans love sweet things, there are also sweeter varieties that incorporate maple syrup, corn syrup, and a variety of sugars. In my opinion, Breakfast sausage may be as American as apple pie. It may have never been the focal point of Norman Rockwell but it definitely helps tell the eclectic American culinary story.

If you are a fan of breakfast, we have several breakfast sausages to help turn your breakfast game from zero to hero. Our Pork Breakfast Sausage is an homage to Jimmy Dean. In-fact, we used to call it “Dimmy Jean Breakfast Sausage.” Getting a cease and desist from the godfather of country pork sausage would be an interesting artifact for the wall, we thought better and stuck with “Old Major Pork Breakfast Sausage.” This sausage, as is the case with all of our proteins, is made with pork from Hoosier farmers that raise their critters sustainably and without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We then season it with sea salt, and our own blend of spices, yes there is sage. We make this our Pork Breakfast Sausage bulk (no casing) so you can patty it up, and we link it up in small collagen casings that are made with beef hide. This sausage is sugar free. However we make a sweeter version that is called Old Major Maple Bourbon Breakfast Sausage. This is our pork breakfast sausage flavored with Indiana maple syrup and bourbon. Definitely a great variation on the classic! Of course if you don’t eat pork, we also make our pork breakfast sausage with chicken, and we make a turkey breakfast sausage as well. Both are free of pork.

Whatever you fancy for breakfast, we have an option. Give it a try.


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