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Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey


Thanksgiving just got more awesome. If you are a turkey fanatic, maybe more so than old man Parker in “The Christmas Story,” then look no further. Our turkeys are free range, and finished without antibiotics or hormones. We brine and smoke the turkeys with a blend of hickory and cherry. The birds are chilled, vac sealed and are best to be consumed within 45 days. Fully reheat in the oven to 160F prior to eating.

All turkeys are priced at $9.00/lb. THE PRICE BEING CHARGED IS A DEPOSIT ONLY to secure your smoked pasture-raised turkey for the big day. Choose the size range for your turkey. Your turkey will be available for pickup prior to Thanksgiving.

The balance of your purchase price will be calculated once we have final weight. The balance will be collected at pickup.

**Smoked Turkeys are fully cooked which means that you will not experience much weight loss in re-heating.
**At checkout, select Thursday Pickup. We will split off your TURKEY onto a new invoice and flag for Holiday Pre-order week.**
** Birds and Sides are for Pickup only. **

PICKUP TIMES TBD week before Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

**Turkey’s are not eligible for discounts or coupons**


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